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Our client comments on the veterinary care they receive at the Baeyens-Hauk Veterinary Hospital

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The doctors and staff at BHVG are first class in every way. All are very dedicated to providing the very best care for the animals, and they do a great job of delivering just that. Super doctors, along with the best support staff anywhere, make for a great experience for the animals and their humans.

Dr. Marilyn came to our house several years ago when it was time for Camille to end her fight with staying alive. It was a battle of several weekends in the hospital and decline, and the day I knew, the other two dogs in the house jumped over her in the hall. I called Marilyn and she assured me that the others were reordering their dominance and leaving her out; they knew she was dying. I asked if she could come over, and she did. I found a sheet that had been my brother’s, as Camille had come to live with me when I cared for him at the end of his life. It was so comforting to have her at home, on a sheet that was her master’s, when Dr. Baeyens administered the anesthesia. And she was gone, no longer panting in pain. She took her and saw to saw to her disposal and spreading of ashes. We all loved Camille; she was a good companion.


I love these vets and their staff. Highly reccomend this clinic! Have been seeing them for many years with my cats.
Right on 107 near new CVS Pharm.
J. Light

I brought my sick sun conure small parrot in on Tuesday, after seeing that he was losing weight and having very loose stools. Even though Dr. Baeyens was scheduled for surgery much of the day, she found time to check Cheddar and diagnosis him and prescribe an antibiotic. On Thursday, he has perked up, gained back four grams (3.6% of body weight), and is much improved. I am so glad to find an avian vet.

I just can not express the gratitude that I have for this clinic. Dr Katye and her mother, Dr Marilyn sucessfully diagnosed my beloved pet- Rhenegade(AKA Pooh Bear) in June , 2013 with Addisons Disease. They literally did what it took , ran the appropiate tests and began administering the proper medication. After a hospital stay and with mediaction he has bounced back/ Dr Katye and Allie come to my home once a month to give him his shot of Percorten and he is pretty much back to his normal ornery self/ He says I am a Chow Chow and king of my domain. But let me not forget my little adorable Pookie who I think she sometimes thinks she gets pushed on the back burner because he was sick but Dr Katye and her staff take care of her as well and I might say she is a lot friendlier to them than he is. My furr kids are a big part of my life and I am so grateful to the Baeyens Hauk Group for taking care of them

The best vets in Arkansas, or maybe even the United States!! Takes excellent care of your fur baby (or scaled baby, or feathered baby)!! You know how when you have a child you want the best pediatrician for that child? Well…. you’ve come to the right place for your babies!!!!! I have 5 cats, and Dr. Katie has been seeing my oldest (8 years) since he was a baby. I wouldn’t use anyone else if someone offered to pay me to do so. ~ Tracy Martin, North Little Rock, AR

Recently my dog Baby had to have a mass removed from her toe, by the grace of God it was benign. As it turned out it was a bad staph infection. I want to thank Dr. Hauk for her wonderful surgeon skills & bedside manor during this time of healing for Baby. She loves animals and has been blessed to serve as an instrument of God to help animals. I also want to thank the staff for being so nice & making me feel comfortable in my visits, they are truly an asset to the whole office & deserve a “pat on the back” & maybe even a treat (like the vets take them out to lunch one day ) !

Thanks to all for you condolences when my little Pug, Misha, had to be euthanized. I appreciate your thinking of me, I know each of you understands the sadness of losing a beloved canine companion.
Teddi Metzer

could never say enough good about you all, Everyone is so kind and polite and you take the time to answer any question. You have taken such wonderful care our little Chihuahua, Molly for all of her almost 5 years now, Dr. Marilynn Baeyens just her recently had to pull her teeth, Molly has done so well, Dr. Baeyens did such a great job and I bet it wasn’t an easy job working in such a tiny mouth, thank you Dr. Baeyens !
May God bless you all and all the animals you care for.

can’t say enough about BHVG. During the transition they made it easy for us to continue to get the care our pets needed by making house calls. All of my pets have been seeing Dr. Marilynn for quite some time and I have to say that I wouldn’t go anywhere else. You can’t find a more loving and caring Vet or Vet Techs than those at BHVG. Love you all and thank you for taking care of my furry and feathered kiddos. Thank you from my family to yours.