Dec 10

Out pets are important to our mental health

People with mental health issues often turn to animals for comfort. The following article provides numerous examples of ways in which animals provide comfort for those in need.

Dec 07

Another example of why we love our canine friends

This story will pull at your heart strings.

Kirby was in recently for vaccinations

Jul 25

Some of the crazy things people are doing to keep their dogs cool in the heat

Crazy things people are doing to keep their dogs cool in the summer 

A funny story concerning the lengths dog owners will go to to keep their pets comfortable in the heat of summer. Do you have other techniques to address what could be a serious problem? More of these zany ideas can be found here.

Jun 28

New drug to treat dog’s storm anxiety

New drug treatment for dogs with storm anxiety

Some estimates find that over 40% of dogs are afflicted by storm anxiety.

There may be hope on the horizon for the treatment of dogs subject to storm anxiety. Sileo is a medication approved as a sedative for minor veterinary procedures —- a flavorless gel, is administered with a syringe, that is squeezed between the dog’s cheek and gum and absorbed within 30 minutes.

Jun 17

Loving dogs help aid victims of the Orlando tragedy

Loving dogs help aid victims of the Orlando tragedy

Dogs have long been known to ease stress in humans and provide comfort to the traumatized. Here is how they being used following the tragedy in Orlando.

May 08

Is your pet bored and lonely?

This article gives us an idea of what it takes to make our pets happy. It also points out numerous examples of pets being kept in improper environments and conditions. This has less to do with meanness and more to do with pet owners not understanding the needs of their pets. Interesting article, take a look.

Apr 27

Should you hug your dog?

One answer to the question can be found here.

Apr 22

Dogs verses wolves as problem solvers

Dogs welcome human help in problem solving while wolves couldn’t care less. An interesting explanation of this phenomenon is discussed here 

Apr 19

Vipers and common rat snakes have same strike velocity

A common misconception is that vipers strike at a greater speed than nonpoisonous sakes. A scientific study has shown this to be false. Details of this interesting study can be found here. This was somewhat surprising to me although I’ve been bit by my share of rat snakes! Continue reading

Apr 19

One billion dogs on earth

It is estimated that there are approximately one billion dogs on earth. Of the one billion only about 250 million have identification in the form of a collar. What is going on with the 3/4 of a billion of unmarked dogs? This is discussed in and interesting article published in the New York Times.

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