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From: Richard Taffner <Richard.Taffner@arkansas.gov>
To: Richard Taffner <Richard.Taffner@arkansas.gov>
Sent: Wed, Sep 17, 2014 4:00 pm
Subject: Rabid Bat-Pulaski County

A positive bat was submitted from Sherwood bringing this year’s total positive rabies to 129.

A homeowner in Sherwood was surprised when she saw her basset hound and yorkie-poo playing with a live bat in her kitchen Monday afternoon. The dogs were called off and the bat was collected and put in the trash. The homeowner began to worry about the encounter and called her veterinarian, who talked them into digging the bat out of the trash and submitting it for testing. Luckily there were no human exposures identified, but the dogs are exposed. There are a total of five dogs at this house, all are currently vaccinated, and all will be receiving a booster vaccination this afternoon. The other dogs are considered exposed by proximity, all will be quarantined for 45 days.

These dogs are patients of ours. Since they were current on their rabies vaccinations, they only had to get a rabies booster, and will have a 45 day home quarantine. If they had not been current on their vaccinations they would have a 6 month quarantine. This happened about 2 blocks from our hospital.

Any bat, skunk or other animal that is not acting normal, or a bat found dead needs to be tested for rabies. Call us if this happens and make sure your pets are vaccinated against rabies!!